4/2/15 Watch Carefully

“Satan uses many different ways to lead people off of the road to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Remember, he never does anything original, but he always copies something good that My Father has done, twisting it into evil.  My Father has sent you prophets for many centuries, people who listen to His Holy Word and then proclaim it so everyone will be able to hear.  But as long as there have been true prophets, there have also been false prophets, who proclaim lies to the people to lead them astray.  This will continue until the end of time, so beware of these false teachers.  They are very convincing, disguising themselves as true teachers of the Word.  How can you tell the good from the bad?  You will know them by their deeds.  Look at nature.  There may be 2 vines growing together that at first glance look exactly the same.  But one will have only thorns, where the other will bear raspberries.  So it is with people.  What is in someone’s heart will show in the deeds he does.  If his heart is filled with goodness, then out of that goodness will come good deeds.  When someone’s heart is filled with evil, evil deeds will follow.  And so, you will know the true nature of a person by what comes from his heart, the fruit that he bears.  In the last days, those who bear bad fruit will be uprooted and destroyed.”

Matthew 6:15-20, Luke 6:43-45


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