3/30/15 Look At The Heart

“Now, while keeping in mind all I have just told you about judging people, you must also be careful to guard your hearts.  Do not reveal what is precious to you to just anyone.  Study someone’s character before deciding to take him into your confidence.  Some people will be open to listening to you about the Kingdom of Heaven, and that will show in the way they act toward you and others.  These are people who are generally honest, kind, and open-minded.  But then there are those who are hot-tempered, impatient, and difficult to work with.  These people will be more likely to reject you and what you have to say to them.  Think of it this way:  you wouldn’t take a diamond necklace and give it to a wild boar, would you?  The boar would tear it to pieces and try to eat the diamonds, and then turn to devour you!  Or would you trust a wild dog with your children?  No, of course not!  It would not listen to anything you tell it, and would tear your children apart.  Just as you treasure your children in your heart and would do anything to protect them, just as you would guard a diamond necklace against harm or theft, this is how you must guard what you are learning about the Kingdom of Heaven and the things of God in your heart.  This is precious knowledge, given freely to anyone who would be open to it.  But be careful what you share with the people of this world whose character tends to remind you of a wild animal.  For they may use this knowledge to hurt you and others like you.”

Matthew 7:6


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