3/26/15 Trust In Him, Do His Will, & God Will Provide All You Need

“Have faith in your Heavenly Father!  Trust in Him to provide your daily food and clothing, and remember that life is more than just these basic necessities.  Do not be like the people of this world who do not belong to your Heavenly Father, who are anxious all the time, worrying about what they will be able to eat, drink, or wear.  Take one day at a time, and don’t worry about the things of tomorrow.  Today has enough troubles of its own without adding tomorrow’s to it.  But instead of worrying, set your mind on the things of God, on doing His will above all, on working towards becoming the person He made you to be, and He will see and reward your faith.  When you are concerned with Heavenly things, then your Heavenly Father will provide all your earthly needs.”

Matthew 6:31-34


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