3/23/15 The Blindness Of The Sinful Soul

“Your eyes are like lamps for your whole body.  If you are blind, or have any problems with your eyes so that you can’t see clearly, your whole body is going to have problems.  You may see double, and be unable to tell what is real.  You may be completely blind, and be in total darkness, not knowing what is around you or which way to go.  Or you may have blurry vision, never seeing things as they truly are.  Now, if your eyes can affect your whole body in this way, consider how a heart blinded by sin will hurt you – in mind, body, and soul.  Your heart, or your conscience, is your guide to help you know which way to go throughout life.  If it becomes corrupted through sin, it will no longer light the way for you to go, and you will be in danger of taking the paths of evil.  So as you are careful to guard your eyes from harm, guard your heart from sin, so that you will not fall off the path of good.”

Matthew 6:22-23


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