3/18/15 So Be Good For Goodness’ Sake

“Be careful of your motives when you do any good works.  You should do everything you do with love in your heart, as if you are doing it for God alone, not for the praise of your peers.  The Pharisees are very good at doing charitable works, but they do it out of a prideful heart.  They want everyone to see them and think that they are perfect in following the law of Moses.  They want to make themselves feel important.  So they hold parades when they are doing a good work to make sure the whole city knows about it.  Everyone applauds them, because in truth they are doing something good.  But they have all the reward they are ever going to get right there.  And in the midst of everything they do, they humiliate the people they are trying to be charitable towards, putting their unfortunate situation on public display and advertising it for all to see.  I tell you, you must be more righteous than they in your good works!  When you give, do it quietly, so that nobody knows about it except for your Heavenly Father who sees everything you do.  Give so that the person receiving your gift is not put on display, but is truly helped anonymously.  I tell you the truth, you will receive a far greater reward from your Father in Heaven than the Pharisees receive here on earth.”

Matthew 6:1-4


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