3/12/15 Reconcile First

“And so I say to you now, do not think evil of any person!  If you have anything against anyone, go and speak with that person without delaying, so that you can be reconciled.  If you are on your way to the temple to offer sacrifices, or on your way to the synagogue for worship, and you remember that someone has any quarrel with you, first go and deal with that person.  Because until you do, you will not be able to worship or give sacrifice with your whole heart, in good conscience.  God does not want you to do anything simply because it is the law.  He wants everything you do to be done with your heart, with understanding, with passion, with love, with your whole self.  And that goes especially for worshipping Him!  Consider this carefully:  human courts judge based on an incomplete understanding of God’s law, and they still judge harshly.  How then must God, who is Holy and therefore completely just, who created the law and knows every aspect of it, judge those who do not keep it?  This is why I tell you that you must be better at keeping the law than even the Pharisees, who think they know what they are doing, but really have no idea what God requires of them.  This is why you must place your trust in Me to save you, because in your humanity alone, you have no hope of being able to meet God’s standards.”

Matthew 5:23-26


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