3/11/15 Thou Shalt Not Be Spiteful?

“You have been taught in Yeshiva school that you should not murder anyone, and that a murderer found guilty in the court will be punished by beheading or strangulation.  But this law was given to you by tradition, and is not the original intent of the law given to Moses by God.  I AM come to show how the law was originally intended.  Anyone who is angry with someone without a just cause, who is quick to curse someone, is guilty of murder in his heart!  You have seen me embrace sinners who have been shunned by the rest of the community.  Why?  Because I AM God’s Son, and so I AM intimately familiar with the true intention of every law of God.  As I have said so many times before, love is the most important aspect of all the commandments!  I know that God wants Me, wants all of us, to love the person who sins, even while hating the sin itself.  That is the true intent of the law.”

Matthew 5:21-22


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