3/9/15 Jesus Is The Missing Part Of God’s Law

Jesus pauses in His teaching to look out at the devoted disciples gathered around the base of the mountain.  His heart is filled with love for all of them, and full of urgency.  How He longs for them to understand what He is teaching them!  He quietly says a quick prayer before continuing, “Oh, Father, open their hearts to receive the message I give them!  Help them understand.”  Then, strengthened by His prayer, He goes on teaching:  “You heard Me say before that I have come to bring change, a new way.  Because you have heard Me say this, many of you believe I AM here to do away with the law of Moses.  And so I must help you to understand, I AM not here to do away with the law, but to fulfill every part of it.  The law was given to show people what God, who is Holy, requires.  But there has never been anyone who has ever been able to keep the law perfectly.  I AM come, as one who is Son of Man and Son of God, to do just that, so that I may save people from their sins.  As Son of Man, I am tempted as you are in every way.  But as Son of God, I have to power to resist temptation and to live as God intended for all people to live in the Beginning, before Adam and Eve yielded to temptation.  I tell you, not even the smallest dot of an “i” or cross of a “t” will be removed from the law, until everything is fulfilled as God has planned.”

Matthew 5:17-18


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