3/8/15 Salt & Light

“You, who hear the words I speak today, are like the salt of the earth.  What is salt good for?  So many things!  Food can be bland and tasteless without salt, or with too much salt it can be inedible.  But it is often said that those who know the perfect amount of seasoning to use in their food cook with love.  You know that if you are hurt, bathing in salt water helps with healing.  Rubbing salt in a wound makes it sting, and overdoing it can cause harm.  But the salt will act as an antiseptic and will make the wound heal faster.  Salt is also used for preservation.  Salting food will help it to last longer without spoiling.  Salt can be used to give traction in slippery conditions.  It can be thrown on a grease fire to smother the flames.  It will kill the weeds that grow and choke plants.  But if salt loses its saltiness, what is it good for then?  Nothing!  In fact, it is worse than nothing, because with its saltiness gone, only its negative qualities are left, and it can only be used for harm.  The only thing to do with it then is to throw it in the street to be trampled.  And so I say to you, be like good salt!  Use your saltiness to help, to heal, to show the love of God to the people you come in contact with every day.  Be careful that you do not lose your saltiness, and harden your hearts.  In the same way, you are the light of the world!  Everyone for miles around can see a city on a hill.  God made our eyes to be able to see a tiny light many miles away.  When you light a lamp, do you hide it, or do you put it on a stand, to give light to the whole room?  Be the light of the city on a hill!  Shine brightly, show people God’s love in everything that you say and do!  Show the world who God is and how much He loves the people that He created!”

Matthew 5:13-14


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