3/5/15 Good, Bad, Trust, Forgiven

Jesus sits on the ledge on the side of the mountain and addresses the people who have come to hear Him.  “The things of God are not like the things of men.  God looks at the heart, men look at the outward appearance.  And so, men often think of things opposite of the way they should be.  Let me give you some examples.  Many people suffer from depression, feeling sad and alone.  But if they belong to God they can have joy in the midst of their sorrow, for the Kingdom of Heaven will one day be theirs.  If you have experienced a great loss, by all means, mourn!  But take heart, for if you belong to God He will comfort you.  The world looks down on people who don’t aspire to greatness but are satisfied with a humble life.  But these people will one day rule the world!  There are many people in this world who think they can do no wrong, and that in the end God will honor them for their pious living.  But the people who will be honored are the ones who know that they are sinners, and their hearts ache for righteousness.  In the end, if they trust in Me and the One who sent Me, they will be made blameless.”

Matthew 5:2-6


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