3/1/15 Doing What Is Needed, Regardless Of The Cost, Part 2

As He gets closer to the middle of the throng of people, Jesus asks Peter to get a boat.  The people are pushing in on every side, and Jesus knows that He needs to get away by Himself before a riot breaks out.  The disciples go ahead of Him, making a path to the lake.  Jesus gets into a boat and people are brought to Him in the boat, one by one, to be healed safely.  “So many!” Nathaniel says.  “I heard there are people here even from as far away as Tyre and Sidon!” says James.  “Everyone wants their chance to be with the Rabbi, to get their own miracle,” says John.  Jesus, through His actions, is fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah, which says, “Look!  My Servant whom I have chosen, My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased!  I will put My Spirit upon Him, and He will bring justice to the whole world.  He will not fight or use harsh language, nor will He brag about Himself and what He can do.  He will be gentle to those who are suffering, but neither will he work to overthrow the established government, until it is time for the final victory for justice.  And the whole world will put their trust in Him and in His Name.”

Matthew 12:15-21, Mark 3:7-12, Luke 6:17-19, Isaiah 42:1-4


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