2/28/15 Doing What Is Needed, Regardless Of The Cost Part 1

Jesus knows that the Pharisees are now trying to find a way to kill Him because of what He is teaching the people and because He told them He is God’s Son.  Undeterred, He tells His disciples, “Let’s go to the lake and help some people.”  Rumors about Jesus are spreading everywhere, and by the time they get to the lake, a huge crowd of people has gathered.  “How did they know we would be here?” Andrew asks in amazement as he looks over the sea of people.  “Someone must have heard Jesus,” Peter replies.  Jesus is ready to get to work.  He walks over to the edge of the crowd and begins to talk to the people, one by one, healing all who are sick.  Some have come who are possessed by evil spirits.  As Jesus comes nearer to them, all of them cry out, “We know who You are, Jesus of Nazareth!  You are the Son of God!”  Some of the people are thrown to the ground, in a last attempt by the evil spirits to wreak their havoc before they are driven out of their hosts.  “Be quiet and come out!” Jesus commands them all.  “Do not talk about who I AM!”

Matthew 12:15-21, Mark 3:7-12, Luke 6:17-19, Isaiah 42:1-4



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