2/23/15 Following God’s Law, God’s Way

“You know the law, that the testimony of 2 or more witnesses is required for the testimony to be valid.  And so both My Father and I testify for Me.  You yourselves sent people to hear John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness, to see what he was all about, and he also testified about Me.  And My teaching and healing ministry testifies on My behalf.  That is an even more important witness than John.  My Father sent Me to do these things, to show that I AM who I AM, and to be a light brighter than John’s.  John’s light has shone brightly, but only for a little while.  My light has been burning since before time began, and will continue to burn after time has come to an end.  You, who believe you know the Holy Word of God, do not see that everything – everything in His Word points to Me!  If you really read the scriptures with open hearts, you would see that.  But your hearts are closed, as are your eyes, and so you do not see what is right in front of you.  You think you know God and what His will is, but who among you has ever seen His face or heard Him speak aloud?  You reject Me, God’s Son, the only One who can give you eternal life in Heaven, because I come in My Father’s Name.  Even as you look to His Word for eternal life, you are not willing to believe what it tells you.  When your peers come to you, they come in their own names, and you honor them.  But you have no honor for Me or for My Father.  Even so, I will not be your judge.  You will be judged by Moses, based on how well you keep the laws he laid out for you when he received them from My Father.  And if you truly believe what Moses has said, you will believe in Me also, because he spoke of me.  If you don’t believe him, you won’t believe Me, and you remain lost in your sins.”

John 5:31-47


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