2/21/15, 2/22/15 To Do God’s Will

The Pharisees look over and see Jesus standing in the Temple, talking with someone.  With a sweep of their majestic robes, they furiously march over to Him.  “What do You mean by healing on the Sabbath?  Don’t You know it is against the law?”  Jesus replies, “I AM here to do the work My Father sent Me to do.  He does not refrain from doing what is right just because it is the Sabbath, nor can I.”  Now, the Pharisees are really incensed!  “You are claiming to be the Messiah, then, and equal to God?  This is blasphemy!”  And they start to think of how to trap Him so they can kill Him.  Jesus says to them, “Nothing that I do is against God.  How can it be, when God, My Father, gives me the power and the authority and the command to do His will?  He shows Me what needs to be done and how to do it, and I do it for Him.  Because My Father loves Me, His Son, just as I love Him.  Soon you will see greater things than the healing of this man.”

“You need to consider carefully what you see and what the implications are.  For this will decide your eternal destiny.  I have come to bring life and forgiveness of sin for all who believe in Me as the Son of God.  Whoever believes in Me will be judged based on My actions, because My Father will look at him and see Me standing in his place.  But whoever does not believe that I am the Son of God has no one to stand for him, and so he will be judged based on his own actions.  In this way, just like My Father raises the dead to eternal life, either in heaven or in hell, I also have been given the power and authority to give life.  My Father has given me the authority to judge in His place.  And so if You believe in Me you honor not only Me but My Father as well, and instead of receiving death for your sins you will receive life.  Ultimately, everyone who ever has or ever will live will hear My voice.  If they honor Me as God’s Son they will live forever with Me, and with My Father, in heaven.  But those who hear My voice and turn away from Me will be judged.  Who has ever lived a life free from sin?  No one.  And so they will be condemned to eternal judgment.  You are wondering how my judgment can be fair.  But I don’t judge anyone by myself, only as God directs me.  And so justice is done, because I do His will.”

John 5:16-30


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