2/19/15 The Real Healing Water

Jesus and His disciples decide to go to Jerusalem for one of the Holy feasts.  When they arrive in the city, it is the Sabbath day.  On their way to the temple they pass by the Pool of Bethesda, by the Sheep Gate.  They see several people sitting and laying around the pool.  They are all sick in some way, and hoping that the angel of the pool will soon go down into it and stir up the water.  The legend says that when the water is stirred up, the first to go into the pool will be healed.  Every day many people wait on the 5 porches of the pool for a chance to be the first to go in and be healed in the moving water.  Jesus sees all the people and His heart is moved with love for them.  But He goes to one man, a man who has been sick for 38 years and unable to walk.  “Would you like to be healed?” He asks the man.  “Of course, sir!” the man says, “But I don’t have anyone to help me into the pool when the water is stirred, and I am too slow to get there on my own before someone else goes in.”  “Get up, pick up your mat, and walk!” Jesus commands him, in such a voice that the man immediately obeys.  The other sick people around them watch in amazement – they have known this man for quite a long time, and they know that this is no fraud.  They want to be healed, too, but where is Jesus?  He is gone already, slipped away while the crowd watched the sick man stand up and walk.

John 5:1-9


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