2/10/15 Restoration

Jesus asks Peter and Andrew, “Could we stay at your home for the night?”  They eagerly agree, and set off immediately.  But when they arrive, they find that Peter’s mother-in-law is very sick with a high fever.  Everyone has been very worried about her.  Peter goes to his wife and says, “I’m so sorry I haven’t been here with you.  But now it will be alright.  The Rabbi is here!”  Jesus goes to Peter’s mother-in-law and touches her hand, and she is healed.  She is so grateful, she immediately jumps out of bed and starts to cook for Him.  As everyone is celebrating her healing, a crowd gathers at Peter and Andrew’s home.  Many people have heard of Jesus and His miracles and have come to see if it is true.  Some are hoping to receive their own personal miracles, others are just looking to confirm or refute the rumors.  Many sick people have been brought this evening, and some possessed by demons.  Jesus heals and frees each one.  Demons shout His name as they are commanded to leave their hosts, and Jesus tells them all to be quiet.  In doing this, Jesus is fulfilling another of Isaiah’s prophecies about Messiah, which says, “Surely, He bore our sicknesses, and carried our pain.”

Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 1:29-34, Luke 4:38-41, Isaiah 53:4


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