2/5/15 More Brothers Join Jesus

Peter and Andrew, now back home on the Sea of Galilee, are fishing along with two other brothers, James and John, and their father Zebedee.  Jesus is walking along the shore and sees them.  He calls out to them, “Come with me and I’ll teach you to be fishers of people!”  They come to shore immediately.  James and John say goodbye to their father, and they all follow Jesus.  “We are going a little ways down the shore, to talk to the people,” Jesus tells them.  They walk to where a crowd of people have gathered, hoping Jesus will come to them.  “How are they all going to be able to see and hear you?” asks Peter.  Jesus has an idea, “Peter, may I use your boat?” He asks.  “Of course, Rabbi!” Peter says, and runs to pull it closer.  Peter, Andrew, James, and John get into the boat with Jesus.  They push out from the shore a little ways, and Jesus begins to speak with the people and teach them.  Speaking from the boat on the sea is like standing on the stage of an amphitheater – Jesus can be seen by everyone in the crowd from His slightly elevated position, and His words are amplified through the water to reach every ear.  Simon thinks to himself, “Wow, He doesn’t just know about the things of God, but also how to make nature work for Him.”  Soon Simon will see just how right he is.

Luke 5:1-3


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