2/3/15 I Believe Because I See

The man is traveling quickly, alternately running and walking, trying to get home to his son as fast as possible.  Although he has hope in his heart, his head tells him it is too good to be true.  He wants to be there if, when…but no!  He can’t let himself think that way!  After a day’s travel, he is weary.  He sees people in the distance coming toward him along the road and moves to the side to give them room to pass.  As they get closer to him, though, he realizes they are his own servants, and his hope falters.  No, it can’t be, not yet!  He can’t bring himself to look at their faces as they rush toward him.  “Master, master!  Your son!  He is healed, it is a miracle!  No one knows what happened, he just suddenly was back to normal, sitting up in bed and asking for something to eat.”  The man looks up, not yet daring to believe what he has just heard.  “You mean…he’s alive?  Oh!  Lord, thank you!  I thought you were coming to bring me terrible news.  When did this happen?”  “Yesterday, around 1:00 in the afternoon,” they reply.  The man realizes that was right about the time Jesus had told him “your child is healed.”  His heart full, his strength renewed, he and his servants rush towards his home.  Night has fallen by the time they arrive, and the man runs up the stairs, shouting for his wife and son.  “I’m home!  Where are you?”  “Here!  Oh, come quickly and see the miracle!” his wife shouts back to him.  He enters the room, sees them, and pulls them into an exuberant embrace.  “You are well!” he rejoices.  “I found the Teacher yesterday and begged Him to come and heal our son.  He did not come, but told me to have faith and it would be done.  The servants informed me that it was around 1:00 that our precious boy was healed?  This is the time I spoke with the Teacher!  He must be the Messiah!”  “My husband, I believe this with all my heart,” his wife tells him.  “Who else could accomplish this miracle without even ever seeing the boy?  God has truly blessed us!”  And so all in his household believe.

John 4:51-54


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