2/1/15 A New Beginning For An Outcast Woman & An Outcast Town

As the disciples are talking to Jesus by the well, the Samaritan woman runs throughout the town, knocking on doors that have been slammed in her face countless times.  Everyone there knows she is a sinful woman, and her bad luck with husbands hasn’t helped her either.  But this time, there’s something different about her.  People open their doors a crack, just enough to hear what she is shouting:  “Everyone!  I have just met a Man who knew everything I ever did!  I think He could be the Messiah!  Come and see for yourselves!”  Curiosity drove the people to investigate.  A crowd of people gathered by Jacob’s well to see this possible Messiah.  Jesus smiles at them in welcome, and teaches them about God’s Kingdom, Heaven.  The people listen excitedly, and most believe He Is the Messiah by the end of the lesson.  Many people that day are baptized.  “Please, Rabbi, won’t You stay with us?” they ask Him.  “Thank you all for your hospitality.  Yes, I can stay two nights with you, but then we must move on.  There are many people who need Me,” He replies.  They turn to the woman who had brought them all there and one of them tells her, “We don’t have to just trust what you say, we can see for ourselves now, He really is the Messiah!”  The disciples are exhausted, but happy with the result of their labor that day, and happy to understand some of what Jesus has been teaching them.

John 4:39-42


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