1/31/15 Food For The Soul

The Samaritan woman is still standing there, staring at Jesus with a look of astonishment on her face, when the disciples return with lunch.  They see the two talking together, and stop short in surprise.  All of them are thinking, “What is He doing with that woman?  Doesn’t He know who she is?”  But they know better than to say anything.  The woman looks up, and seeing the disciples returning, drops her water jar and runs away.  The men go to Jesus and show Him the food they bought.  “Eat, please, Rabbi.  We know You must be very tired and hungry.”  What they are thinking is more like, “Maybe hunger and exhaustion have clouded His judgment.”  But Jesus is not ready to eat yet.  “It’s ok, my friends.  Thank you for getting the food, but I have food to eat that you don’t know about.”  “Did that woman give Him something to eat?  Where would He have gotten food?” they ask each other.  Jesus smiles at them and explains, “My food is doing God’s will.  When someone plants a field, often they hire others to help with the harvest, right?  And you can see by looking at the plants when they are ripe and ready to harvest.  Here, the seed has been planted and is already ripe for harvest.  I have brought you here with Me to help Me harvest eternal life for these people.  Even though you did not do the work of planting the seeds, you will get to harvest the crop, and the planter and harvester will be able to rejoice together with the people.”

John 4:27-38


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