1/29/15, 1/30/15 Jesus Knows, Jesus Is

“Why don’t you go and get your husband, and bring him here.  Then I will tell you both how you may get this living water,” Jesus tells the Samaritan woman.  She looks at Him, again wondering just who this strange Man is.  She has a feeling He can read her mind, and it is a bit unsettling.  She comes to the well when nobody else is there so she can avoid seeing or talking to people, and here He is, prying into her life.  She answers cautiously, thinking maybe this is the part of the conversation that turns into a trap for her.  “I have no husband…”  His eyes seem to be looking directly into her soul as He replies, “I know that you have no husband – in fact, you have had five husbands before this, and now you are living with a man who is not your husband!”

Her face red, the Samaritan woman squares her shoulders and attempts to change the subject, “I know You must be a prophet of the Lord, so tell me:  where should we be worshipping?  You Jews claim Jerusalem is the most holy place, but we worship on this mountain, as our forefathers did also.”  Jesus does not fall for her attempt, but knows her heart and answers her question.  “You worship blindly.  Jews worship in Jerusalem, and have at least an idea of Who they are worshipping.  But in time, you will all come to know God’s Truth, and you will no longer need a special place to worship.  Salvation will come to all people through the Jews.  Real worship will be in spirit and in truth – God’s Holy Spirit will be sent to you, and will help you to learn to worship God with your whole heart and soul and mind and strength, as He commanded Moses in the desert of Sinai.”  She didn’t understand anything this Man was saying to her.  Holy Spirit?  No special place to worship?  We worship blindly?  She thought maybe she should be offended, but wasn’t sure.  “I know Messiah is coming, and then He will explain everything to us,” she says, wanting to be polite but at the same time to let Him know He really wasn’t making any sense to her.  “I am He,” Jesus replies.

John 4:16-26


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