1/26/15 A Lesson In Humility From The Greatest Prophet Ever

John tells his disciples, “Don’t you remember what I told you?  He is greater than I am.  I only baptize people with water, to prepare their hearts to receive the Greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit that the Son of Man gives.  It’s like being the best man at a wedding.  I am His best man.  I help Him, and am excited and happy for Him, but He is the most important one at the wedding.  He is from Heaven, I am from earth.  Anything He says and does is greater than anything I can say or do.  And that is how it is meant to be.  If you listen to Him and believe what He says, you declare that you believe and trust in God, because He is sent by God to declare God’s word and to do God’s work here on earth.  And if you believe in Him you will have life, because He is of God, and God is life.  In the same way, if you do not believe in Him, you will only have death, because life only comes from God, through His Son.”  John’s disciples listen, trying to understand.  But God’s Holy Spirit, who helps all of us understand what God says, is not yet with them.  So they wait to learn more.

John 3:27-36


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