1/20/15 The King Nobody Expects

passover info

The disciples are torn between relief that nobody was hurt and disappointment that Jesus did nothing to challenge Rome’s authority over Israel.  They are also amazed that Jesus was able to just walk right out of the temple as if nothing had happened.  “That in itself is a miracle,” says Nathanael.  The others agree.  Jesus shows some other miraculous signs during the Passover week, and some who are there for the holiday begin to believe in Him.  But He knows their hearts, that they have a very different sort of Messiah in mind.  The Messiah they are looking for is the perfect king – riding in on a white horse to overthrow the Romans in one day with no blood shed by the people, giving them everything they need to be wealthy and prosperous, and giving His best friends places of honor in His Royal Court.

John 2:23-24, http://visual.ly/let-my-people-passover


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