1/16/15 There’s Something About Jesus…

Jesus’ new friends, who will soon be known as His disciples, are enjoying the wedding.  They are standing together, eating the banquet food and drinking the miraculous wine.  They are the only ones besides Mary and the servants who know what Jesus has just done, and they are amazed at this first of Jesus’ miracles.  It is this first miracle that begins to cement their belief that Jesus really is the Messiah.  They had come with Him, believing He could be, and hoping.  Now, their hope and their belief starts to grow stronger.  When the wedding is over, Jesus goes to them and says, “My friends, I am going to Capernaum for a bit with my family.  Will you join us?”  “Yes, Rabbi!” they say eagerly, “We would be honored to join You.”  And so begins Jesus’ ministry and teaching.

John 2:11-12


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