1/15/15 The Best Magician Ever…Or Something More?

The faces of the servants show some fear, some skepticism, and much confusion.  What will happen to them when they present a goblet of water to the wedding coordinator?  But there is something about this Man that makes Him seem trustworthy, so they reluctantly follow His instructions.  They take a goblet and fill it from one of the water jars, and then take it to the wedding coordinator.  “Here is (gulp) the wine, sir,” one of the servants says as he hands over the goblet.  The wedding coordinator takes a taste and smiles.  He goes to find the groom and says to him, “You are a very generous man indeed!  You have saved the best wine for last!  People usually serve the best wine first, and save the cheap stuff for after everyone is starting to get tipsy.  But you served your good wine first, and saved the best wine for now!”  The servants are all standing around the wedding coordinator with mouths agape, wondering what is going on.  They rush back to the water jars and examine the contents.  The water has turned a dark red color.  “Could it be?” they ask each other.  “Who is this Man?”

John 2:7-10


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