1/14/15 The Wedding

Cana Jericho Map Cana Nazareth Map

Jesus and His new friends travel back to Galilee to attend a wedding in the small town of Cana, a few miles north of Jesus’ home town of Nazareth.  The journey from the Jordan River to Cana takes about 3 days on foot.  When they arrive at the wedding, Jesus greets His mother with a warm embrace.  “How are you?” He asks her.  “Very well, thank you, my Son,” she replies, “but there is a problem that I’m hoping You may be able to help with.”  Jesus looks concerned.  “What is it?” He asks.  She takes Him aside, away from the guests and tells Him, “They have run out of wine already!”  Jesus replies, “Oh, mother!  You know it’s not time for Me to begin My work yet.”  But Mary knows her Son well.  She leads Him to the servants of the groom and says, “Do whatever He tells you to do.”  Jesus sighs with resignation, and asks the servants, “How many jars do you have to hold the water that is used for people to wash and purify themselves before God?”  “We have 6, and each holds about 30 gallons of water,” they replied.  Jesus says, “Go and fill all of the jars with water.”  When the servants finish filling the jars, they come back to Jesus.  He tells them, “Fill a goblet from one of the jars and bring it to the wedding coordinator.”

John 2:1-7, maps from http://www.bible-history.com/…/israel-first-century.html


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