12/30/14 Dream of Safety

After the wise men have left and everyone has gone to sleep, an angel appears to Joseph in a dream.  He says, “Joseph, get up, pack your things, and get ready to go on a journey.  You are to leave tonight, as quickly as you can.  You must take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape from King Herod.  He is going to search for Jesus, to try to kill him.  Stay in Egypt until I come to you again to tell you it is safe to come home.”  Joseph awakes with a start.  He jumps out of bed and gently wakes Mary.  “Mary,” he says, “You must get up quickly.”  “What is it, Joseph?” she asks.  “An angel!  Just now, in my dream.  He warned me, we must flee to Egypt tonight.  Pack everything and get Jesus ready, as fast as you can.”  So they get everything they had brought with them, and the gifts that the people have given to Jesus, and load it all onto their donkey.  Mary bundles Jesus up so he will be warm and comfortable on the long journey.  They leave a note of farewell for their friends in Bethlehem who have taken such good care of them while they were there.  And then they set off for Egypt.

Matthew 2:13-14


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