12/27/14 The Dedication

Mary and Joseph stay with their new friends in Bethlehem, and when the Baby is 8 days old He is circumcised, and officially given the name Jesus, as the angels had told them.  Joseph watches over Mary and Jesus carefully, knowing that King Herod is very jealous of anyone he suspects might be a threat to him.  On the 40th day after Jesus’s birth, they travel to Jerusalem, the capitol city of Israel, to the Temple, to dedicate Him to the Lord.  Mary and Joseph present sacrifices for Jesus’s dedication and for Mary’s purification after giving birth.  Simeon is at the temple that day and sees them.  He calls to them, “Come, and I will perform the Child’s dedication.”  Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to Simeon, and he takes the Baby in his arms.  He looks up to Heaven and says, “Lord, let your servant die in peace, for I have now seen your Salvation, your Jesus.”  He looks at Mary and Joseph, amazement on their faces, and says, “This Child is destined to make many people fall and then rise again in Israel.  He will be a sign that will be spoken against.  And, sadly, a sword will pierce your heart as well.  He will reveal the secret thoughts of many people.”  He blesses them, and then Anna, a prophetess in her 80’s who has lived all her life in the Temple, comes over to them as well.  She, too, knows that this is the Savior, and she proclaims, “This Child is Jesus, Salvation!  He is our Messiah, and has come to save us all from our sins!  Thank you, Lord, for sending Him to us!”

Leviticus 12:1-4, Luke 2:21-39


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