12/22/14 A Life Turned Inside Out

In a town called Nazareth, a girl named Mary is preparing for her wedding day.  She is engaged to a carpenter named Joseph.  Both are descendants of King David, who was the best king Israel had ever had.  Mary is alone one day when she, too, is suddenly startled by a bright light.  The angel Gabriel stands before her and says, “Don’t be afraid.  God is pleased with you and is going to give you a special gift.  You are to have a child and name Him Jesus, which means Salvation.  He will be called the Son of God and will save the whole world from their sins.  He will also be a descendant of King David and will rule on David’s throne as King of Israel forever.”  Mary is shocked, but recovers enough to answer the angel, saying, “How is this possible?  I have never been with a man, and I am not yet married.”  Gabriel replied, “God’s Holy Spirit will do this.  With God, all things are possible.  Your cousin, Elisabeth, who could not bear children, will also have a son.  She is in her 6th month of pregnancy.”  And Mary, instead of the doubt that Zachariah showed, tells the angel, “I am the servant of God.  Let it be done to me as you have said.”

Luke 1:26-38


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